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traderate© is about to change the lives of thousands of people across Australia with a new way for customers to pay for trade services.


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We guarantee cashflow, to make your job easy...

We believe managing your money should be easy. At traderate©  we guarantee you payment in full, minus our fee within 24 hours. 

There's no extra to pay, no sign up fees, and no ongoing costs.

Your customer gets the flexibility of a payment arrangement with 
traderate© and we remove your risk of chasing up late or failed payments. 

Giving you more time, to do what you do best...

We understand that as a trade business owner your time is best spent on the job and not buried in paperwork.

With our 
traderate© payment solution, we reduce your time spent in the office and give you peace of mind to do, what you enjoy most.

Whether its more time with family or friends, we are changing the way you trade to improve your quality of life.

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How do I register my interest for traderate?

As a tradesperson, you are required to complete a short online application form. This is a quick and easy process to allow you to be part of the traderate database and to be notified when the service will be released. Full registrations will then be available to start using our service.

What are the fees and charges associated with traderate?

traderate is in the process of completing market research for commission-based payment criteria as our aim is to deliver a suitably priced service for our trades and their customers. Tradespeople will be charged a commission fee, based on the total job amount. 

How do I get paid?

Although traderate is a "Buy Now/Pay Later" service, your account will be automatically credited with the total job amount minus the commission and transaction fees within 24 hours of the approval of the customer purchase. You will be able to login to your traderate® mobile app account anytime to see your payment balance from your personalised dashboard.

What is the maximum a customer can spend with traderate?

We promote responsible spending to ensure the financial support of our customers. There is a maximum spend limit of $2,000 AUD per account. 

How do I charge if there is a variation?

The traderate payment process is only performed once the job has been completed. It is recommended that all variations are thoroughly explained to your customer and approved before charging the final amount.

What if a customer is unhappy with the service provided or the product is faulty or damaged?

In case of a fault or issue with the quality of workmanship provided, traderate encourage you to discuss directly the issues with your customer. If a dispute cannot be resolved, we advise you to contact your State Consumer Affairs Office and provide full details in relation to the matter.

How do I make a complaint to traderate?

All members will be able to lodge a dispute with traderate online. Our company aims at resolving all disputes within 21 days. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can take further steps by contacting the newly formed Australian Financial Complaints Authority. 

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LNB Electronics, WA

I have been in the Electronics Repair Business for over 30 years.
We currently are major repairers for Samsung, LG and many other brands. The opportunity for a client to repair an appliance and benefit from a buy now / pay later arrangement would be very beneficial for our industry. We would definitely be interested in using your product.

L. Bridges

D&P Concrete, WA

I have been working in the Concreting Industry for 13 years, and my father whom I work for has been in the industry for 47 years. traderate© will benefit not just us, but the entire trade industry as it is sometimes hard to receive payment from some clients. It will also help with doing a bit extra concrete for a client who wouldn’t be able to afford it in the past.        

N. Macdonald

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